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Hello, my name is Tom Martin, I’m from Twin cities, Minnesota and the reason why I’m writing this article comes from the very place I live in, you see I was born and raised in twin cities, I’ve spent my whole life there and didn’t really get used to the cold climate of Minnesota, that is why I try to go abroad in warmer countries to experience a different climate and of course enjoy the culture and differences of other countries. I work as a school teacher and annually in the month of July I take a vacation and visit one country with my whole family, my wife and 2 kids. Before the trip we try to choose a country that fits our interests, I try to raise my kids Justin Bieber & Dj Snake as liberally as I can, so they see from the very childhood that they can take a part in every aspect of our family’s life. This time my 5 year old son David came to me and said that he was very interested in visiting Georgia, because his friend was there last year and they really liked it. So I had an proposed place, next thing that had to be done was a brief investigation around that country, apart from the information that I gather from various travelling companies, I try to search by myself, you know lots of companies try to show only the good side of the targeted country, that’s just how the business works, on the other hand the situation in the country you may be interested could be a lot different, taking in hand the political and economical position in which the country stands, nowadays it can leave a huge mark on your families quality time together, for example my friend was travelling to Egypt few years ago and he spent his whole vacation time being in the hotel, because of the curfew that was announced just the day after he arrived in Cairo. Not to mention the fact that he was stressed all that time by the gunshots and overall destabilization that was caused by the military revolution.

I think I talked enough about the fact that investigating the country you are planning to visit is a crucial part of spending a vacation peacefully. When I checked the situation in Georgia I made up my mind that it was safe to visit, the situation was peaceful out there and apart from that I was astonished with the anticipated places we would visit there, beautiful nature and some very old Christian monuments, which I knew my wife would be fond of. The balloting was over, we decided to travel to Georgia and experience as much as the country had to give.

Despite the fact that Georgia is a very small country, it has a range of natural sightseeing’s, starting from the Caucasioni mountain system which is spread through the northern part of Georgia, continued with the sea resort located in the western part of the country. We got to see all of it, but I won’t be jumping to conclusions and start with the very first city, which we arrived in and I’m talking about the beautiful capital city of Georgia, Tbilisi. Architecture in Tbilisi was extremely interesting, starting from neighborhoods which were planned in the old style, that had a blend of European and Asian influence in it, people who live here call it the old Tbilisi. On the other hand there were lots of quarters built in Tbilisi, this type of accommodation was built in the era of the Soviet Union, which also had a big impact on the lives of Georgians, but it is a radically different topic about pop music which I can talk only if I write a new article for it, because the subject is vast. The third part of Tbilisi consists mainly with buildings which by itself signal about the new life that is starting to develop in this country, skyscrapers which indicate that Georgia is stepping into the whole new era.

We spent 3 days only to fully discover Tbilisi, it might be a small town when compared to cities of my country, but it has a lot to offer, Tbilisi has lots of churches, churches that represent most of Georgian history, some of cubis 2 were built as back as in VI century. Strangers in Georgia can easily see that Georgian people have the upmost respect for their history, they know that if not for their ancestors who had to constantly fight off Mongolians or the Turks that were invading Georgia, they wouldn’t have been here .
I was foolish to think that my journey in Georgia could have been enclosed in such a little space, so I’ll be writing the continuation of this article and tell you about how we traveled in mountains of Georgia and how much of an impression the Georgian artist Bera made on us.

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With the surge of application games, as well as laid-back pc gaming generally as a major part of the video gaming market, a range of categories have popped up that didn’t exist previously. One of those genres is the run game, or the running game. Straightforward to play Run 3 as well as easy to understand, these games all include various skins and also different motifs, however in the end they all have practically the very same concept.

What Are Run Games?

The short answer is that a video game is a game where a gamer routes a running number through an obstacle course as that character is chased after by some type of risk. Maybe an astronaut ranging from aliens, a miner getting away a collapse, or almost any other kind of situation. The style coincides though; there is a personality leaving from some hazard, as well as the Tunnel Rush gamer has to help the personality by routing him or her around challenges that would certainly or else flatten or eliminate them, leaving them in the course of the important things that’s chasing it.

Some Run Video Game Instances

Perhaps one of the most famous run video out there at the moment is Temple Run. Designed by Imangi Studios, this Return Man 3 video game has actually had actually numerous versions released for the iPad, iPhone and also various other tools.

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Various other video games such as Flood Jogger as well as its sequels, Checkpoint, Cavern Run, and various other games all comply with the very same, standard styles of this countless running Learn To Fly Idle game style. Whether it’s beating feet with a dark cavern or dashing at superhuman speed with a city to pacify bombs, a run game constantly comes down to the very same fast reflexes and sensation wherefore’s occurring when it comes time for a gamer to reach the last levels.


The controls of any run video game are really easy. For Cube field games where gamers see a side-scrolling runner there’s typically bit more than a dive switch as well as a slide button; one to go over challenges as well as one to go under them. For video games where the electronic camera complies with along behind the jogger there’s a left and a best motion, a turn motion, a jump as well as a slide. In some games these may be secrets that have to be pressed, and in others it could take certain movements on the touch display or mouse pad. It depends upon the game.


In running Cool Games there’s just one point that gamers should appear in advance; quick reflexes and a fast eye. For gamers that have a quick shiver reflex and who could mash the appropriate button in the right instructions, these video games are basically one, large quick time occasion that duplicates over and over once again.

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